Byline of Hope


New for 2015:

Byline of Hope: Collected Newspaper and Magazine Writing of Helen Keller

Edited by Beth A. Haller, Ph.D.

HallerKeller Frontcover finalCORRIn Byline of Hope, Towson University journalism professor Beth A. Haller has collected Helen Keller’s writing for newspapers and magazines — articles for Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times and The Home Magazine — many of them never before reprinted until now. With introductory chapters and analysis.

Keller’s “was the perfect message for the 20th century…that positive social change could occur.”

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335 pp. Softcover.
ISBN: 978-0-9627064-1-7
Copyright 2015

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Disability Rag Archives on CD-ROM



Complete text version on fully-searchable CD-ROM

ArchiveCD300xIn 1980, The Disability Rag started a revolution — connecting isolated activists nationwide in what would become a growing, passionate community. By 1985, The Rag had become, according to a front-page story in The Wall Street Journal, “one of the most important publications to come out of the disability rights movement.”

All the articles from this newsprint magazine are now collected on a fully-searchable CD-ROM — thousands of articles, letters, news stories, fiction and poetry… it’s all here. The Rag “made the disability movement move,” says Lucy Gwin, editor of Mouth.

Perfect for disability studies programs, for organizations, for schools and universities, for public libraries — or your home library.

Copyright 1980-1996
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Representing Disability in an Ableist World


Essays on Mass Media

Nonfiction by Beth A. Haller, Ph.D.

book cover imageTowson University journalism professor Beth A. Haller’s 20 years of research into disability and mass media inform this one-of-a-kind collection on advertising, news, entertainment television, film and Internet new media. Ideal for disability studies students and researchers as well as disability activists.

213 pp. Softcover.
ISBN: 0-9721189-3-4
Copyright 2010
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Disability Awareness- Do It Right!


Your all-in-one how-to guide: Tips, techniques & handouts for a successful Awareness Day from the Ragged Edge Online community

Handbook edited by Mary Johnson.

dadirSimulation exercises — activities in which participants get into wheelchairs, tie on blindfolds or stuff earplugs into their ears to “simulate” having a disability — have become a popular “Awareness Day” event. But they’ve also come under fire from disability activists and educators, who criticize them as demeaning and inaccurate.

Disability Awareness — Do It Right! offers you an all-in-one how-to guide from the Ragged Edge Online community, with tips, techniques and handouts for a successful Awareness Day.

Short background articles and planning lists help you organize fun and effective Awareness Day activities that disability rights activists support.

Concise, easy-to-read chapters show you how to carry out 6 specific types of activities, how to handle follow-up discussion and even how to spur social change.

Appendices include resources and articles to use with Awareness Day participants.

128 pp.Large-format paperback (8.5″ x 11″). | ASCII
ISBN 0972118918 | Copyright 2006
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Safely Home


A Profile of a Futures Planning Group

Compiled by Betty Atherton and Julie Shaw Cole.

Edited by Julie Shaw Cole.

safelyhomeBetty was up against the wall of her son’s disabilities. Organizations and agencies in her community hadn’t responded to her repeated pleas for support. She had knocked on every door and was about to give up when she found Jo Ann Boyle. Jo Ann had new ideas — and new ways to realize them.

At first Betty was baffled by Jo Ann’s technique of “blank-paper planning.” But soon a fresh view of son Raymond’s potential brought her new hopes and dreams. She began to see that things could happen for him that she had never let herself even consider.
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Make Them Go Away


Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve & the Case Against Disability Rights

Nonfiction by Mary Johnson.

mtgaIn the spring of 2000, actor Clint Eastwood took on the 10-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act. His Mission Ranch hotel in Carmel, California, had been sued for access violations under the law, and he’d been slapped with a lawsuit he’d never seen coming, he said….
“What happens is these lawyers, they come along and they end up driving off in a big Mercedes,” Eastwood told reporters, “and the disabled person ends up driving off in a wheelchair.” In the days leading up to the hearing, Eastwood appeared on the talk shows Hardball and Crossfire; he was covered in a Fox News Special. The National Journal quoted him. Columnists covered his comments. Newsweek used the “Mercedes” quote on its “Perspectives” page. The seasoned Hollywood actor had his script and he stuck to it: He wasn’t against disabled people. He wanted to help disabled people, who were being preyed on by moneygrubbing lawyers. The law was the problem; had been all along. The law needed to be fixed. …

— from Make Them Go Away

A gripping read and an awakening.
— Lucy Gwin, editor, Mouth magazine.
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To Ride the Public’s Buses


Edited by Mary Johnson & Barrett Shaw.
Photos by Tom Olin.
Foreword by Stephanie Thomas.

torideThe issue may be lifts on buses.
But what we are doing is building a movement.

— Mike Auberger, ADAPT, 1983
For the first time in book form . . .
The bus battles across the nation: The national ADAPT actions. The
protest in the streets. The legal fight. The victory . . .

As told in the pages of The Disability Rag 1983-1990.

200 pp. Paperback.
ISBN 0-9627064-9-3 | Copyright 2001
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Getting Life



by Julie Shaw Cole.


“That light hits the side of the red roof at a different time each afternoon. I sit in the same place by the window every day. This window is on the other side of the street from that red roof. And I watch the light change just slightly each day, brushing back the shingles into shade, like gray paint rubbed into red.

“There are pictures I remember in a book, churches, all alike, yet all different. There is one fat old soft chair. I am propped up on folded clothes and an old raggy pillow. Aunt Jo puts that book in my lap and leaves me to go do what she does. . . .”

From Getting Life.

303 pp. Paperback. | Audiotape. | eBook
ISBN 0962706485 | Copyright 2000
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Getting Life does what few others do. It gets into the mind of the primary character in a way that draws you into her world so completely you don’t want to let her go.
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The Ragged Edge


The Disability Experience from the Pages of the First Fifteen Years of The Disability Rag.

Anthology edited by Barrett Shaw.

raggededge“The Disability Rag is the voice of a mighty revolution, and this stunning collection from its first 15 years will become an invaluable primer for anyone who wants to understand the new thinking of the disability rights movement. Here are the urgent, spirited and provocative stories that have changed the way people — disabled and nondisabled — have come to view what it means to have a disability.”
–Joseph. P. Shapiro, U.S. News & World Report, author of No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement.

“Reading The Ragged Edge [anthology] is like sitting in on a vigorous, sometimes funny, and often irreverent roundtable discussion of the issues that most concern all humanity, disabled and nondisabled, whether they admit it or not. Some of the voices are reflective, some sad, some furious, but none will lull you to sleep. On the contrary, you’ll feel ready to roll on out and transform the world.”SW
— Nancy Mairs, author of Plaintext, Carnal Acts, Ordinary Time and Waist High In the World

238 pp. Paperback. | ASCII Diskette.
ISBN 0962706450 | Copyright 1994
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Making News


How to Get News Coverage of Disability Rights Issues


by Tari Susan Hartman & Mary Johnson.
Worried about anti-disability spin in the media? Fight back — make your own news! Get on the front pages, lead the newscasts, influence public debate. This how-to book gives examples, tips.

165 pp. Paperback. | Kindle | ePub
$10.95 | ISBN 0962706434 | Copyright 1993
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